She smiled, “I slept well, thank you for asking, sweet heart.” She turned to peck him lightly on the lips and stood up, Luna dropped the Quibbler on the coffee table and walked to the kitchen, she put the kettle on the stove and walked back. “Did you know that there is a blind and deaf man in Sweden who can feel wrackspurts?” Luna asked, grinning as she sat down next to him. She leaned her head onto his shoulder and smiled, “It’s quite amazing, you can’t feel them you can only see them with spetrespecks on.” Luna stood back up when she heard the kettle whistle and rushed into the kitchen, “Would you like some tea?” She asked, taking the kettle off the stove.

"Glad to hear it," George grinned before kissing her back. For whatever reason, he was still tired. His head lolled back and landed in the back of the couch as he watched Luna walk into the kitchen. It was cute that she was making tea— actually, everything she did struck George as being absolutely adorable. His eyes had already drifted shut when she came back into the living room. Jerking back to attention, he shook his head. "No, I didn’t know that," he said, wracking his brain to remember what exactly that creature was and did. "Oh, those pink glasses that you wore before?" he asked, smiling at her. He was catching on— slowly, and only a little. It still counted, though. "Sure thing, love," he smiled. "Love some."