Luna bit her lip as she watched George slowly undress, “Tease.” She grinned. Once his pants were off she threw her arms around his shoulders and pulled him on top of her. Luna kissed George, tangling her fingers into his hair. She traced his upper lip with her tongue, asking for entrance. “You’re a very, very bad boy George.” Luna whispered teasingly as she trailed kisses down his jaw and neck.

"And you love every second of it," he nearly growled out as he fell on top of Luna, propping himself up with both arms. George kissed Luna back with more passion than he ever thought he could summon for another person. Parting his lips slightly, their tongues fought for dominance. "I know," he whispered, his grin devilish as he grasped her bottom lip between his teeth, pulling slightly and letting it smack back into place.