“Yeah, please leave out the sex part. I really don’t want to die  yet. I have a few good years ahead of me,” he laughed a little. George laughed a little at her, watching her look around for a few minutes before he walked over the garbage can. He pulled out a ripped looking piece of thin material. “I don’t think you want these back,” he said, dangling them off of his index finger. “I guess we’re wild animals.”

Luna gawked at her underwear, then started laughing. She grabbed the underwear and inspected it, “certainly didn’t rip them, I’m not capable of that.” Luna grinned and looked up at George, “You naughty, naughty boy George.” Luna said in a teasing voice, she then went to sit down on the bed. “George, you do realize that I now do not have any underwear for the day, right?” She asked, slightly giggling.

"I wasn’t accusing you of ripping them," George said, laughing a little bit. Truthfully, he hadn’t remembered tearing them off of her. At his highest point of arousal, he was fairly sure that his mind just went blank, his only thought was having and loving Luna in every way he possibly could. "You like it and you know it. You do realize all of that was your idea, right?" he laughed, shrugging. He wanted it too, he just wasn’t as open about it. "And that’s a problem?" he asked, winking and stepping closer to her position on the bed.